Titanium eBike Build


Why a Titanium eBike?

You won't see many titanium eBikes around. I'm building these units for a variety of reasons. Imagine owning a titanium eBike that has the power to weight ratio greater than any eBike on the market. Imagine owning an eBike with a frame that will outlast you and still look new years after owning it. I will help you with your frame choice and get it made in titanium. I'll then build up your bike to your specifications. It can be a rear hub, mid drive or front hub drive. We can discuss the power you need from the motor, and how you want it to ride. It'll look beautiful. It'll handle beautifully.

Why Titanium?

Titanium is half the weight of steel, so titanium tubing can be made with slightly larger diameters without a weight penalty. Larger diameter tubing provides greater stiffness to efficiently transfer power to the rear wheel without undue flex, all without beating you up over the course of a long ride. It's a magical combination of efficiency and compliance, with geometry, add-ons and options tailored to the wishes of the customer.

Because aluminium is much weaker and less stiff, aluminium tubing for bicycle frames needs to be large diameter to provide acceptable fatigue life. That usually creates a ride that can be harsh and tiring, especially when used with narrow, high pressure road tires. Titanium has enough strength and fatigue resistance to avoid very oversized tubes, providing a compliant, resilient ride on rough surfaces that smooths out and absorbs road buzz and small bumps alike. Steel frames, with their smaller tubes, can be almost as compliant, but aren't quite as comfortable. Steel may be real, but titanium is magical.

Titanium is even more corrosion resistant than stainless steel. It can be painted or - unlike steel or aluminium - can be left without paint, powdercoat or plating, so you never need to worry about scratches. Internal cable routing is simple because the insides of the tubes are naturally impervious to rust and corrosion. Unlike aluminium, titanium has a fatigue limit, so as long as the tubing is not stressed beyond this limit or damaged, it will never fatigue. Titanium can also flex three times further than aluminium and twice as far as steel without permanent damage. Carbon fibre is very vulnerable to crash and notch damage, after which it may fail catastrophically. The epoxy matrix also degrades over the years with exposure to the UV in sunlight. A titanium frame can literally last the rest of your life, and longer.